Cooking with opinions

This website is a place for me to share my opinions on sustainable food and home cooking with you. 

I studied environmental science in Seattle and Berlin and focused on sustainable food and farming systems, including, most recently, the sociology of eating.  

Food systems could be designed to ensure the health and sustainability of all people and the planet, yet for the most they are designed to generate profit at the cost of health and sustainability. However, we cannot meet our climate and sustainable development goals without profound changes to the food system. What I learn inspires and enrages me; so I write!  

I will try to keep my recipes as practical as possible. That’s my style in the kitchen. Most days, I quickly cook a lot of food so that I have leftovers handy. Sometimes (when I’m not living through a pandemic) I like to spend a long time in the kitchen preparing special meals for family and friends. Those are categorized as special occasion recipes. I have made all of these dishes multiple times, and that’s why I’m sharing them. They are my go-to recipes that work and taste great. Most are healthy. Some are indulgent. We need both.

I’ve traveled and cooked in different countries, and various cuisines inspire me, but I do not claim that anything I make is “authentic.” I work with seasonal ingredients, things I can easily find in my neighborhood, and whatever I have on hand at home. Some of these recipes may be difficult or expensive to replicate, depending on where you live in the world and what supplies and ingredients are available to you. I try to suggest alternatives in each recipe.

Lastly, this project would not be possible without the encouragement and help of my husband. He is a videographer and photographer and has taken nearly all of the photos published on this site.

I hope these recipes and essays inspire you to cook, eat, repeat!

-Nicole Pita

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